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ARCADE 0.177


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It's great to see it return even if it's on some underground forum. Next we need to get the old authors permission to put the latest version on the main site too and get permission to change the labels of MAMEUIFX to ARCADEFX on both forum and site although it would be here too it would also be on the official place so more downloads. It's just great to see a new version even if I don't agree with moving but somewhat do at the sametime as mamesick never activated my login on the remake of the main forum. I loved going completely MAME in MAMEUIFX because it's name demanded it to be like that but some of the MESS stuff like the early Neo Pocket, AES and CD, Atari's, Vetrex and SNES, PCE and MD most of them seem to run well in MESS in the past although not sure if the MAME code ones work as well or if the AMIGA has even started booting into games yet on it due to fire not working in MESS in the past and well they are arcadey style console systems with loads of arcade like titles for them so I'm interested whats our stance on them in the rebranding do some of them and a port of the working Pinmame rather than the non working PinMAME in MAME have a legit reason to be a part of a special edition of the rebranding due it it being focued on all Arcade now in it's name instead of MAME arcade only? My stance is I'm up for a couple being added in one day but they have to be really worth it like being actual arcade quality in it's library for the most part which the old Atari's, PC Engine and Megadrive seem to fit the bill for example but something like an AMIGA is half and half hit and miss for arcade quality. For the most part Arcade has to stick to the likes of MAME, Final Burn and Raine I think as that is being true to ourselves even if we do have some arcade like console games down the road supported as those are actually from the arcade.


Arcade 64 V1 works like a glove for me. I never knew I could have the final MEMEUIFX and Arcade V1 running in the same folder too maybe I should get the normal MAME UI core on there too for a complete library of versions case but its awesome that I was able to do that.


Didn't copy the ini's over though unless MAME themselves changed the system because I have settings in my existing to make it CRT like but moved everything else into my existing folder.


Yeah, it works fantastic bang up job Robert.


Red doesn't always mean not working these days which is an issue with MAME in general. Often it means requires a ton of RAM or 64-Bit Quad Core CPU's these days or it's an issue of having 2 screens like a Nintendo DS which you can change to top only in MAME as a feature so it's not not workign at all. All the Mega Play and Mega Tech work 100% and are in the red zone due to having 2 screens which is stupid.


CD based ones with not working though most of the time are real non working ones from the very little knowledge I have of the subject and I don't think High Seas Havoc Arcade works neither as I tried that one but that has a working one for Megadrive though as Megadrive in MESS worked fine in the past.

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