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I guess this will happen after Mame 0.177 is released

I guess you should be interested in this.... Put it into the ARCADE(FX) \RES\ folder and overwrite the existing SPLASH.BMP one. Then compile. It will appear as a new splash screen and About bitmap.  

Yes, in details: \DRIVERS\NAMCONB1.CPP can be removed from ARCADE source. \VIDEO\NAMCONB1.CPP should stay for ever, simply because that portion of code will never be accepted in official source. Even

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A change to forum permissions: Guests can now read the topics, which means search engines can index the threads. Also you do not need to log in to read. However you need to log in to download any attachments.

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I just made it finally.


How to compile arcadeui?

Download this tool and unpack to C:\ https://www.mamedev.org/tools/


Run win32env.exe

Add this code.

*git clone https://github.com/Robbbert/store1



Put the store1 folder in to src.

Add this code

cd store1


Add this code.






You need Internet Connection.*

Or download the source from the website and put in the src folder.


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