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ARCADE change log


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Ok, I found the time to compile a tiny build with source Robert posted. Here's a small list of changes plus a bugfix that I *never* noticed when I used to release MAMEUIFX:


1) changed default text to all message boxes the internal UI displays to black. (src\frontend\mame\ui\text.h)

2) removed red background for the internal confirmation on exit message box. It's simply a confirmation step, no need to warn the user with a red color. (src\frontend\mame\ui\ui.cpp)

3) imperfect and not working message box at startup now have black text, due to the fact that the color of them is hardcoded in source and not customizable. See point #1

4) implemented the new core options AUTOSTRETCHXY and UNEVENSTRETCHY to GUI (src\osd\winui\mameui.rc, resource.h, properties.cpp)

5) fixed an hidden nasty bug: if you change the path for external DATS history, mameinfo, etc. from default (\DATS\) this is taken in account only by the GUI and not also by the Internal UI (you know, now you can read history.dat also during gaming) because the change, even if applied correctly and saved into the UI.INI file, is not parsed at every game startup. Fixed forcing our startup routine to re-load the UI.INI at every new game launch, like it's done by the MAME core (src\osd\winui\winui.cpp, winui_opts.cpp, winui_opts.h)


I linked some pics, that also shows the temporary new icon.

fcfaf1502599577.jpg 71d4d3502599579.jpg 23ae27502599583.jpg 95203e502599587.jpg fb759c502599596.jpg 209a38502599599.jpg 0a69b9502599600.jpg

I'm not able to attach the modified source package due to size restrictions. I'll upload somewhere else tomorrow.

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Can't help you with your missing rom.

I'm missing no rom, that's an error. With Arcade64 the game cobram3 isn't working, but it runs fine with MameUI.

The quizard games have the MACHINE_UNEMULATED_PROTECTION flag, which causes it to be considered non-working. There's no program problem.

In Arcade64 the following roms have the status of not working, what's definitly wrong.

In MameUI this roms have the status working and they work wonderfull and are playable:

quizard, quizard2, quizard2_22, quizard3, quizard_10, quizard_12, quizard_17


I always check all working CHD games. That's why I noticed it.

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Just to see if it could work, attached the ARCADE winui frontend onto MAMEUI, and yes it does work.


Had to disable a couple of unsupported options such as glsl_path and so on, and a small fix of the auditing code.


Obviously I didn't bring over the game hacks, changed nag colours etc.


Unfortunately the big black ARCADE splash screen is there, it needs to be replaced by a MAMEUI one, if someone would like to oblige.




Meanwhile in ARCADE, added mamesick's suggestions (even though I don't like the black text in the nag screens), and been experimenting with various A icons.

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I just wanted to say that I worked on a splash screen and icon for ARCADE for Robert and recently made a new placeholder image for the screenshots preview.


Edit: I also uploaded new icons and artwork for the ARCADE UI to my Mega account.

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The other day I found that legionna.cpp would not compile. I found that there was a sound hack and some extra sets, all undocumented.


It's been replaced with the standard MAME version now. This also fixes the problem that jasd reported.

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