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ARCADE change log


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This is a list of changes made to ARCADE32/64, the former MAMEUIFX32/64.


It does not include changes made in order to keep it compiling, caused by changes in the MAME core.


Known bugs: Can't sort game list by source. None





- Changed text Multiple Mices to Multiple Mice


- winui.h: Changed MAMEUIFX32 -> ARCADE32, and MAMEUIFX64 -> ARCADE64


- winui.lua: Changed mameuifx32 -> arcade32, and mameuifx -> arcade64


- winui.cpp: Changed MAMEUIFX to ARCADE

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Depends on the amount of traffic we get. -- Done!





- All the extra games have been removed (they can be found in HBMAME)

- Sound hack removed from Monkey Magic (it exists in HBMAME)

- All other game hacks are left in.

- These files restored to normal MAME ones: 1942.cpp, asteroid.cpp, galaxian.cpp, mmagic.cpp, pacman.cpp, mame.lst

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I don't recall why this was changed, maybe by mistake.
Though here's correct code to sort the list by source file name:
WINUI.CPP, around line 3731, replace with:


            char file1[32];
            char file2[32];
            strcpy(file1, GetDriverFileName(index1));
            strcpy(file2, GetDriverFileName(index2));
            value = core_stricmp(file1, file2);



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@Mamesick - I never got a chance to thank you for everything you've done with MAMEUIFX. You were always willing to listen to users' suggestions and take them into consideration. Several of those suggestions were by me and most of them you agreed to implement and did. I was always appreciative and thankful for that. The time I saw you were leaving, posting at your forum had already been disabled. MAMEUIFX will always be my favorite MAME derivative. So I just wanted to say thank you again and I hope everything works out well for you. Take care.

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Glad to see you're still around. :-D


Started work on removing sources where every game in that source is broken, or fruit machines.


Removed: 4enlinea, 4roses, a1supply, acommand, aleisttl, alg, amazonlf, amerihok, amusco, arachnid, astropc, atarittl, atronic, atvtrack, bailey, barni, belatra, bgt, bingoc, bingoman, bingor, blitz, blitz68k, bowltry, buster, cabaret, capr1, caprcyc, castle, cb2001, cchance, chicago, chihiro, clowndwn.


Added the 4 cps-1 games that are MESS-only: wofch, sfzch, sfach, sfzbch.

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