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What to do with MAMEUIFX ?


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As you may know, MAMEUIFX has died, just like MAME Plus! died, and MAME Plus Ash build died.


This leaves very few derivatives left, just WolfMAME (made for the high score crowd), and ThunderMAME which uses ancient code.


I just happen to have a fully-commented MAMEUIFX source showing what is different and why. I also have the permission of the developer to continue the project in whatever form I wish, as long as we choose a new name.


The developer's permission extends to adding bits of MAMEUIFX to MAMEUI should I wish to.


Currently I have set up a compile environment for MAMEUIFX, which works for now. It will only take one refactor of a core component to break it.




- is there much interest in the continuation of the project?


- what should it be called? (max of 6 letters please) (it doesn't need to have MAME in the name)



But, take note, some things will change...


- The extra games will be removed since you can find them in HBMAME


- Although you can request a feature, it probably won't get added unless it's obvious and easy


- If stuff breaks, it gets removed, not fixed.



Remember, like all my projects, it is open source, so you're free to take a copy of the code and adjust it to your needs. Just because I don't want to do something doesn't mean you can't.

(obviously this only applies if the project goes ahead)

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I would love to see MAMEUIFX continued, I came over from the MAMEUIFX forums just to show my support. I have a question about the removal of the extra games. Will this include removing the hacks that actually improve upon the original games. One of the reasons I use MAMEUIFX is for its support of Metal Slug 2 Turbo and Strider Uncensored. I feel these hack present the games as they were meant to be played.

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If you would take over this project, it would be greatly appreciated by many people. I feel that the official MAME has become bloated and many frontend UI's are overly complex. Having an arcade only derivative with an easy to use UI is essential. Here are a few crappy six letter name suggestions:





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Please continue the project, Roberto.


As for the name... how about MegaMAME? or MegaMAMEUI? Since MegaMan is the mascot of MAMEUIFX and since it has mega (a.k.a. additional) features of MAME/UI.

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OK I have a name.


It is called ARCADE32 or ARCADE64, depending on 32 or 64 bit version. Not called ARCADE because there's already lots of "arcade.exe" files out there.


The executable will be "arcade32.exe" or "arcade64.exe".


There's probably a few places where MAMEUIFX shows up, one is on the start-up splash screen. There's nothing I can do about that at this time.


I hope it can be released each month, but there's certainly no guarantee, as I have many other things on my plate.


Remember, it only takes one well-aimed refactor in the MAME core to mortally break this derivative. Unlike other derivatives, this one has a *lot* of core twiddling, therefore many more ways to be broken.





Features of this build:

- Same as MAMEUIFX, except that if an entire sourcefile consists of non-working games, those game will be removed.

- No mechanical stuff, no fruit machines, no pinball, etc, even if they work.

- Initially no MESS stuff, but in the future may include some that work and don't require software.

- Removal of extra games which are in HBMAME



I'll make a new thread which will detail all the changes made as they happen, except for changes needed to keep it compiling.

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Those fixes, hacks like samples support for toaplan games or namconb1 slowdowns fix were very good. Also GUI part was the best I use in years so I hope project will continued just as it is now.


I don't care about extra games to be honest.

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