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Apple II Save State


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I'm running apple II system with software games in the command-line version of mess (integrated with mame). The question is how do I use save states running apple II system through the command-line of mess? Since it's a fully emulated keyboard and I had to press the scroll lock key to pause it. I would like to know how to save/load state using a bat file when running apple II or other computer systems with fully emulated keyboard using the command-line version of mess. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Core state/playback options




Immediately after starting the specified game, will cause the save state in the specified to be loaded.




When enabled, automatically creates a save state file when exiting MAME and automatically attempts to reload it when later starting MAME with the same game. This only works for games that have explicitly enabled save state support in their driver. The default is OFF (-noautosave).

This came from the mamedev wiki.



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