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Hi, Tux. I was looking forward to make a small donation to Raine but there's no longer a "Donate" button in the page as it had before the server changed.


I'd like to know if it would be possible to restore the button to the main site (http://raine.1emulation.com/) to let people donate to the project.


Thanks in advance for your attention.

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bonjour Tux et meilleurs voeux


Jets d'EF me demande si tu pouvais remettre la bannière d'Emu-France sur ton site


voilà voilà


bon courage pour la suite, Raine est éternel




EDIT: translation:

Tux hello and best wishes

Jets dE wonder if you could put the banner of Emu-France on your website

here here

good luck for the future, is eternal Raine

Edited by Robert
added translation
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I'll eventually think about it if I continue development, for now it's on hold. I just realized that it's becoming too big for me alone and it makes debuging sessions longer and longer, which is really annoying, and so the dev work is much less fun lately. So in these conditions there is not much point in putting back this banner.

It's likely raine will stop here, after 15 years it was not bad I would say. I would have loved to attract more developers so that things would have gone faster and that someone else takes the lead, but anyway it was not bad.

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