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Raine 0.64.9 : still a little messy, but improving...


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If you are talking about the blank string for fatal fury, it's exactly the same bug, the clipping of strings in the gui.

For the shaders I'll double check it's fixed, I won't require a restart yet.

Thanks a lot for that! And for the other fixes too!


As for the Fatal Fury 3, I was actually talking about something weird I noticed when a character from the game fires a fireball-like move in a specific stage. It seems the fireball starts disappearing. As I don't see this effect in other states, I think it's triggered by this very stage. It would be good if you could take a look and tell whether there's a bug there or not. You just need to execute a command like a "hadouken" in that stage with Andy, but the "hadouken" is for the left side of the directional pad (when you are facing right).


I've uploaded a savestate and posted a few more instructions on my first post in this topic. It's very easy to reproduce. I guess you shouldn't take more than 3 minutes if you wanna try.


Thank you in advance for your attention.

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Ah yes I remember now, I took a look at your savestate, but there is no obvious solution, this one is a tricky one, I don't promise I'll fix it now...

Plus it's not super easy to produce the fireball at will for me which makes it even harder to fix...


EDIT : I think I fixed it, you'll have to confirm, but it's much better now. The fix is totally crazy, just limit the maximum number of sprites blocks on screen to 381 instead of 384 !

384 was an old value from the neocdpsp days, I knew mame was using 381, but I never felt the need to change. But here it was worth a try anyway, and apprently it works !


The new version will have quite a few crazy fixes like that. Another example : if you launch nam1975 neogeo and leave the demo playing, it will crash at the end of the demo. It's because the game using a fadeout effect without having any track to play in the associations, very crazy bug, the fix takes 2 lines only, it's just a forgotten test, this one was found by Romain !

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