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Can't upload anything for now...


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In the race for an "always more secured server", 1emulation is now using some ftp protocol inside an ssh2 connection, specifically called securefx, which is a proprietary protocol which works only in windows, supported by the flashxp client.

We had already a much slower and way less convenient ftp connection than the rsync/ssh connection I had before, but now I am supposed to use some windows program to upload things ?


EDIT : after some thinking, even if flashxp works in wine (untested), it's not a reliable solution, I use scripts to upload things for new versions, and it would be extremely inconvenient to do this manually, so for now everything is on hold until something changes.

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Gonna give it a try... but I think filezilla has only a graphical interface and I need a text interface (to be able to pass commands through a script).

Without this debian packaging becomes a real pain (it's not super easy to begin with, but here it becomes a nightmare...).

Anyway I'll compile it and I'll see (gentoo here, compile everything or almost !).


Not sure it will work though, it's announced as a proprietary protocol and filezilla is opened, and something not supported by lftp is very suspect !

But it's worth a try...


Nope it doesn't work. filezilla has ftp/ftps/sftp like lftp, here it's not sftp, it's ftp inside ssh, the prioprietary way.

You can think it works if you try sftp because the connection is initializeing and you see it sending the password and that's here that it fails.

But actually it sends a password for ssh here and it can't work, it's supposed to initiate the authentication through ftp inside a ssh tunnel.



Oh I guess I'll just put a temporary link through mega for an ultimate release and forget all this for quite a while...

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I'm having the same problem. It seems Filezilla can't handle it. I might try using this flashxp thing, or I might go back to my old hosting.


Either way, this wasn't a good idea. Plus the fact there was no announcement or anything, it just happened.

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Yeah it works in ftps now, just need to disable certificate check, it's probably a home made certificate.

Perfect, works again, thanks for the info ! :)


Tux - try now with the old setup.

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