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Mameoxtras v1.17 (new update)

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MAMEoXtras v1.17
by gamezfan

Rumba Lumber (Now Playable)
D-Day (Now Playable)
Parallel Turn (Now Playable)
Hot Chase (Now Playable)
Doki Doki Penguin Land (Now Playable)
Arch Rivals 8-Way Joystick Version (Now Playable)
Puyo Puyo official World Version (Now Playable)
Mirax (Now Playable) (No Sound)

New Correct Samples for......

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 2
Donkey Kong Pauline Edition
Donkey Kong Foundry
Donkey kong Jr
Spiders (Now Has Sample Sound)

Misc Fixes

Small speedup and graphical improvements in the Supernova based games Cyvern etc etc
Fixed Game Speed and improved the controls in Hot Chase (Game Now Playble)
Fixed Crosshare Speed in Chiller (Game Now Playable)
Fixed Accelerator in Danny Sulivan's Indy Heat (Game Now Playable)
Fixed Controls in American Horseshoes (Game Now Playable)

Control Fixes

American Horseshoes
Arkanoid Return of Doh
American Speedway
Championship Sprint
Chequered Flag
Danny sullivan's Indycar Heat
Demolition Derby
Discs Of Tron
Enduro Racer
F1 Exhaust Note
Food Fight
Hot Chase
Konami GT
Missile Command
Night Striker
Pole Position
Return Of The Jedi
Space Harrier
Super Sprint





link for new roms added to v1.17.


also here is a link for Tattyfurby's Artwork and Samples Pack.just put the artwork in the artwork folder and the samples go in the samples folder of mameoxtras v1.17.
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Sweet Thanks

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Just remap the Start+Select button in the Emulator control options you can do this ingame and set it to be whatever button you want to Exit game

Edited by gamez fan

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so i can use a set delay time with one button ?

No as that sort of feature isn't supported in MAMEoXtras plus personally i have no idea how to create such a button command code wise

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