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What you making of E3 2015?


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This was my legitimite experience of Final fantasy 7 on the PSone.


1. Got it.

2. Loved it.

3. Leveled up.


5. Time to put in disc 3.

6. Dragon fight.

7. Not enough levels.

8. Try to go back.

9. Cant go back.

10. The end.





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I missed this, but I will say...Shenmue sucks donkey nuts. I tried getting into the games, it's worse than grinding an MMO.



I was mental for the original shenmue, I adored that game when it came out over here.

I remember a guy I worked on a job for was a 56k dial up beast, he downloaded virtua tennis on it!

At the time you could download shenume but it was not translated to English or voiced, so if you got it you had to put up with the jap/chinese subs.

Anyway I got it on the day of release, remember walking round that little town and the sun used to go down and ho home for sleep.

That cat in the cemetery? I used to go to the shop for milk for it, but my second time round I wouldnt give it any milk.


When the game ended and you had to go to Japan I was pissed off, shenume 2 was just as good IMO but I did lose interest eventually - one of the QTE when you are running through the streets used to always screw up on me no matter how many times I used to try and get it right.


Dam I miss the snes/64/dreamcast era of gaming.

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