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Neko ProjectX v0.7 (new emu release)


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Neko ProjectX v0.7
by hcf


WARNING: several pc-98 games contain adult content.

Neko ProjectX is a PC-98 emulator for Xbox (it is a port of the emulator Neko Project II). The PC-98 is a family of Japanese computers, they can have a hard disk and 2 floppy disks units, so this can appear to be a bit complicated to use... but I have made this emulator very simple, so that you don't need to know much things about this machine to be able to play: simply select your game in the rom list, and play. Also, I have replaced the drop-down menu of the original emulator, by a main menu and some shortcuts, more comfortable to manage with a joypad

installation and supported formats
Copy the emulator in your hard disk. Roms MUST be placed uncompressed in the "roms" directory. The emulator supports a good amount of formats, both hard disk images and floppy disk images. Here are some of the supported formats, ordered from the best to the worst choice:

1- HDI: This is a hard disk image, it is the easiest format to launch: simply click and play.

2- FDI: This is a floppy disk image. It is easy too, although some games may have several floppy disks images, and you will need to change the disk when the game asks for it.

3- D88: This is a supported format that will work, but you will usually need to do some things to launch it (write some command...) so it is less comfortable.

4- FDD: This format does not work in this emulator... but you can use "Virtual Floppy Image Converter" to convert it to D88 (or to FDI if you are lucky).

This emulator currently supports PC-9801 games. If there is a lot of interest, maybe I can make it accept PC-9821 games in the future, but currently these games (like Doom or Alone in the Dark) are not supported.

how to launch games
If you want to play a game that has only one file (for example one HDI file, or one FDI file) simply click on it in the rom list, and the game will be launched. Easy, isn't it? ;)

If you want to play a game that has SEVERAL floppy disk images, you must select the FIRST of them. The emulator will automatically mount it in the "Floppy Unit A" of the PC-98 and will run it. If you need to insert another disk during the gameplay, please read the "CHANGING FLOPPY DISKS" section.

Although the PC-98 is a computer and it uses a keyboard, I have mapped the most common keys in all the games to the buttons of our joypads, so we will be able to play several games with the d-pad and the normal buttons :)

Here is the default mapping (anyways, you will be able to redefine the A,B,X,Y buttons in the main menu, if you need different mappings):

D-pad: It is mapped to the directional keys of the keypad (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT)

A button: ENTER key
B button: ESC key
X button: SPACE key
Y button: It is mapped by default to 2 keys that are used by several games as the "action key": the 5 of the keypad (used in games like "Columns") and the Z key (used in games like "Rusty").

LEFT ANALOG STICK: It moves the mouse cursor (only usefull in games that use mouse).
WHITE button: Left-click with the mouse
BLACK button: Right-click with the mouse

TRIGGERS: They control the key latency (you can think about it as the "speed of an autofire feature" or the "speed of the cursor"). Let's see it:

LEFT TRIGGER: Decrease key latency. If you keep pressed a button, it will send less "push" commands per second. Use this if your cursor/controls move very fast, and you are unable to navigate by the menus of a game because options are selected too fast. Very usefull in games with menus like "Columns".

RIGHT TRIGGER: Increase key latency. If you keep pressed a button, it will send more "push" commands per second. Use this if your cursor/controls move very slow. This is very usefull to move the cursor faster in some strategy games like the "Farland Story" ones!!

START: Opens the Main Menu (see "Main Menu" section for more info)

Some usefull shortcuts:
LEFT ANALOG STICK CLICK: Insert a new disk in the Floppy Unit A.
RIGHT ANALOG STICK CLICK: Insert a new disk in the Floppy Unit B.
START + BACK: Exit to the rom list.

typing mode
If you need to type some text, or press a key that is not mapped in the normal controls, press LEFT TRIGGER and RIGHT TRIGGER at the same time, and you will enter into "Typing Mode". A virtual Keyboard will appear, and now you can type whatever you want (press with the A button in the keys that you want to type). Exit from the Typing Mode with the B button.

typing mode
You can open the main menu during the gameplay by pressing START. You can navigate by the menu with the D-pad, select/change options with the A button, and cancel with the B button. These are the options of the main menu:

* Resume: It returns to the gameplay

* Reset: It resets the PC-98.

* Reset with DIP SWITCH 2-8: Some games like "Rusty" or "Destructor" will show you an error message when you launch them, asking you to switch the DIP SW 2-8 (even if the message is in Japanese, you will be able to read these numbers!). If this is the case, go to the main menu and select "Reset with DIP SW 2-8". The PC-98 will restart with this option, and the game will begin.

* Disk in Floppy A: Insert a new floppy disk in Unit A. This is the same that you can do clicking on the left analog stick.

* Disk in Floppy B: Insert a new floppy disk in Unit B. This is the same that you can do clicking on the right analog stick.

* Redefine keys: You can redefine the keys mapped to the buttons A, B, X and Y. Select the button that you want to redefine; then a virtual keyboard is displayed, and you can select a new key to map to that button of the joypad. This is usefull if you are playing a game that uses a key that is not mapped in the default controls.

* Change clock speed: By default, Neko ProjectX emulates a PC-9801 at 10 MHZ. This is good for the main part of the roms, but if you see that a game works very slow or very fast, you can change the clock speed selecting this option and pressing "A" button until you get your desired speed. For example, "Runners High" is a modern game and it needs a fast PC-98, so you will need to put the clock at 40 MHz to get proper speed, while Arkanoid is an old game and it needs a slow PC-98, so you should configure the clock at 2 MHz to avoid the game run too fast. After changing the clock speed, it will be needed to select the "Reset" option to apply this change.

* Mouse speed: It changes the speed of the mouse cursor.

* Save config as INI file: If you select this option, the emulator will save a config "INI" file in the "cfg" folder (a "cfg" folder is needed!) with all your settings related to key mapping, dip switch 2-8, clock speed, and mouse speed. Next times that you start this game, the emulator will automatically select your saved settings.

changing floppy disc images
OK, so you have a game that has several floppy disk images and you want to play it. You have to select the FIRST of them in the rom list, and the game will begin (the emulator will insert it in the Floppy Unit A). If an error is displayed, you will usually need to insert the SECOND disk on the Floppy Unit B (clicking on the right analog stick) and maybe after that you will need to press a key, or go to the main menu and "Reset".

During the gameplay, sometimes you will be prompted to insert a new disk, and you can do it pressing the left or right analog sticks (depending if you want to insert it in the Floppy Unit A or B).

Please, note that when you press the left or right analog stick to insert a new disk, the emulator will show you the files with a similar name. So, if you have a game with several files, you must make sure that their names are similar (for example "Farland Story 1 - Disk 1", "Farland Story 1 - Disk 2", and so on...

read the full read me for more information


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