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DesmumeX v0.7 (new update)


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DesmumeX v0.7
by hcf


This is a new release of DesmumeX, the Nintendo DS emulator for Xbox. It is faster than the previous version due to an improved method to manage the video code (thanks to freakdave, madmab and weinerschnitzel!) and an additional part of the dynamic recompiler. It has other improvements like HD video support, and new options to achieve a proper speed.

what is new
DesmumeX v0.7 has several improvements over the past v0.6 version, including:

* Important change in the texture rendering mode (thanks to Freakdave, Madmab and Weinerschnitzel for their help!). This gives us a nice boost!

* Ported another small part of the dynamic recompiler, which gives us another small boost.

* Added some changes here and there, that have fixed several bugs ("Dementium" works again, graphics in "Petz Catz 2" are correct now...)

* Added 720p and 1080i video modes

* Added an option to limit the speed of the gameplay at 60 FPS. This is very usefull to get the proper speed in games that ran too fast. Now some games like "Yoshi Island DS" or "Zoo Keeper" run exactly at the speed that they should (sample configurations for these games have been included in the "cfg" folder). Anyways, this options should only be used if the game runs too fast.

* Added more options to the "Auto-frameskip" feature: you can choose Auto frameskip only with odd numbers (1,3,5...), only with even numbers (0,2,4...), or with both numbers (0,1,2,3,4...). Although this is usefull in a few games, the Auto-frameskip feature is still running bad, so it is usually better to use a FIXED FRAMESKIP, combined with the "LIMIT TO 60 FPS" option explained above, if the game runs too fast.

* When you exit from a game, the emulator now goes to that game in the rom list.

* The rom list writes the full name of the selected rom in the lower part of the screen. This is usefull to see roms with long file names.


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