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Metal Slug 5 (mslug5.zip/ms5.zip) News


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How is this the wrong forum????


edit:  I found the right p1 file but now when it trys to load metal slug 5 it keeps saying this error: can't load 000-lo.lo (e09e253c).  Does anybody know how to fix this.

can't load or cannot find ?


anyway that is part of the neogeo bios. make sure you have that in your neogeo zip file.

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Oh yeah man Metal Slug 5 runing at 100%!!!

The rom its correct even the P1 of 8M crc 3f1cf3d2, and without pacht or Ips or anything you only have to get the a new version of Mame but this one its special its seems to be made only to run the rom set of Metal Slug 5 One friend from my contacts of msn gave 2 files:

mame_for_ms5[1].part1.rar                  405k

mame_for_ms5[1].part2.rar                  447k

when you open the files there are inside this







Then put the rom of mslug5nd.zip in the folder and double click in the bat file and the game begins exactly like the original of arcades

Its really Cool Man thanks for all the people that made this possible.

give me some links to these files

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If anyone wants it I now have Mslug 5, Samsho 5 and SvC Chaos Plus working in Kawaks 1.46 thanks to a little help from ThunderinParadise. If anyone wants it I will be online from 5:40pm to 12:am. You can reach me on AIM, I go by the name of XerotoNine

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i have mame32.79 and i got the mslug5nd file, but i dont klnow how to run it, the file doesn't show up in the roms list

Thats because the offical mame32 does not support it.you will have to wait untill someone like me or others to compile mame32 79 with the new games added.

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