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CoinOPS 6 R16 (new update)


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CoinOPS 6 R16 Released

by britneyspairs


Massive controls update to allow D Pad to work on Analog Controlled games.
This is a massive help to Cab owners and as many top games where unplayable to them like Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, F Zero X, Starfox 64, Afterburner II, Marble Madness, Sinstar, Centipede, Power Drift, Galaxy Force 2 and 1000s more

Hammer Away now Playable
Ave Fenix now Playable
Updated the N64 Cores

Added Support for over 2,000 more console games bringing the total list to 32,000 now
Fixed many game names like MDRIVE_Barbarian displays as Barbarian now
Other little tweaks on the road to CoinOPS 7 now


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BP! I'm glad to see you're still around! I'm 3 years retired out of the modding scene (had a modshop in San Diego) and have been spending my free time trying to get back into emulation on the PC which is nice for PS2 and Dolphin, but stuff like MAME is still a royal pain in the ass having to manually configure everything for each game. Android is coming along too and I use a Moga controller on the go, but MAME and CPS is still kinda spotty.


As someone mentioned in another thread, nothing comes close to the convenience of being able to "pick up and play" with emulation on the old Xbox 1. At first, with CoinOPS I was a purist and preferred to keep it arcade-only with older versions, but seeing all the progress that's been made even up to this day is amazing. I'm about to snag v6 right now. As a retired modder, I have two live Xbox 1s with your old CoinOPS loads, 1000 character Xmugen, StepmaniaX, many of the xport and madmab emulators (full collections), PC ports, homebrew, bunch of OpenBOR packs, select japanese-english translated ROMs, heavily modified Xbox1 games, and a ton of other stuff I can even remember.


One of my Xbox1s is in an old QuasiCade 2 arcade cab in my garage (The cab controller is one of a kind and has analog sticks but they're way smaller than the joystick so thanks for R16!). I have around 6 spare Xbox1s and 4 007 AUF discs to last me for the forseeable future. Even with something as dated as an old Xbox from 2002, its capability is just too valuable to have it die on you and not have any backup systems. I just hope when I'm 50 or 60, I'll remember how to mod these old beasts and maybe replace some capacitors if needed when the time comes.


Your undying dedication to CoinOPS has just inspired me to dust of my old systems, maybe get the new XBMC4XBOX and finally take the time to fully enjoy this timeless little pandora box. One day, when my son is old enough, we're going to have the best time ever. :xbox:

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