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England V Italy!


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We got beat 2 - 1.


England players looked like little girls at the start of the match.

Showed too much respect to an ageing Pirlo.

Should of started with the younger players in Barkley, Lallana, and wilshire!


I hope the next game gerrard and flockon are left out or we wont even make the quarter finals!



I wish soccer would be bigger in the states, personally.


American football/soccer can be fun to watch, but the american game is all about hard graft and high pressing game.

Leeds my club team, have had two american players. Eddie lewis, and robbie rodgers. (almost admitted to being gay with his time at leeds)


A gif from last nights game summing up our overpaid "stars"


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Everyone's a fan..during the World Cup. Once it's over, everyone will take the stupid flags off their cars, stop telling people they're from a country they've likely never even visted let alone are actually from, and things will go on as normal.


I can't stand soccer...one of the most boring games EVER.

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I watched the first half before going to bed. Football just doesn't hold the excitement that it used to at least for me.


you are leeds aint ya supes?

wakie lad n all?

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