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Still using IRC?


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I noticed some of the new emulators have got IRC channels. Any of you guys still on IRC these days? :P


FYI: If you don't know what IRC is: it's an ancient chat system. Internet Relay Chat... popularized with the Windows client, mIRC.

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Rarely for anything not linux-related, like tech support or quick questions.

I see it as a major security and privacy risk with inappropriate protections in place.


Privacy risk I can understand, considering your IP address is shown unless you got yourself some sort of botnet or proxy. But security risk -- in what way?

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Almost never...only if I need support for something and it's the only place to find it.


I also have not used IM of any kind in at least 5 years now. No more MSN Messenger etc...useless crap. Nothing online needs instant feedback to the point where I need to be on an instant messenger.

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