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So Today I dug Out My Old Amiga 500

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It has been in a bin liner in the garage for the last 20 years so I was expecting the worst.




It was pretty dirty and the external drive had rust on it. The power supply looked like it has seen better days too.






I opened it up and cleaned it up. So much dust had built up in there.






Looking much cleaner inside and out






The 512k expansion looks to have survived pretty well.



After cleaning I tried to power it up and hey presto



Even the floppy games I had stored seem to load although I had no sound. Could well be a sound chip problem but I will look into that when I get my decent RGB cable sent from ebay



Overall I'm just happy it powered up after all this time :-)







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Well my external floppy drive is dead and a few keys on the keyboard dont work but apart from that its all good. My SCART to RGB connection came today and its given me a decent picture with sound!


Batman The Movie :wink:



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It always amazes me to consider how far we have come in such a short amount of time. My Amiga 2K had a badass full height 60MB SCSI hard disk. My 3K had an even bigger 300MB drive. Now the entire contents of both of those drives sit on a couple of PCs - taking up virtually no space whatsoever, alongside my TOSEC Amiga .adf files.


I remember downloading Amiga disk images from local BBSes using a 2400 baud modem. It would take me several hours to get one disk back in the early '90s. - And here we are today..




I still have the 2K, 3K, A c64, 128d, TI994a, And an Apple 2 sitting in the basement. Last I checked, they all still worked :)


I also have an original IBM 5150 (The first 'PC') that no longer functions. I intend to casemod a new PC into it one day. Maybe when I get sick of looking at my slick. black Asus tower. Anyway, the 5150 retailed for something like $3000.00 back in 1981, and today, a free digital watch one might find in a box of cereal has about as much computing power as this tank did.


Check out this graphic -



Yay technology !

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It really is crazy how things have advanced now. These new gadgets have helped to give these old machines a new lease of life as floppy disks are eventually going to fail and be impossible to replace. Using a floppy emulator eradicates this issue whilst letting you enjoy the programs on the original hardware as intended. Quite genius. :matrix:

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