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Heroes of the Storm

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Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has released information about a another game. A pvp based game which looks nearly identical to League of Legends and DOTA. The mechanics of the game seem to be similar although there are some minor differences. They have not released a great deal of information on this yet but seem to have the characters they want to introduce and skills they can use on the site. Knowing blizzard it will look very fancy but there are always some issues with their games. Below I've highlighted some of my concerns.



1. This game is modeled to use any of the heroes or villains from across all of the games they've released.

2. All characters come with mounts (I'm assuming since the game shows mounts for each character, although it doesn't really explain much).

3. Characters level in game to become stronger as the game progresses.

4. Multiple Class options/characters available. The classes are Assassin, Warrior, Support, and Specialist

5. Many maps and goals/customizations

6. Your whole team levels when you get your levels, which keeps you equal with your team.



1. The game play is built to prevent ganking



1. It looks like they are trying to copy DOTA/League of Legends

2. No shop to buy customizable items in game to buff your characters.

3. Only 5 characters to choose from currently (still in Alpha/Beta)

4. Knowing blizzard they may charge for this game. That is still unclear.

5. You can customize the characters skins however with no shop every character will be the same in terms of self vs self



My opinion:

This game looks fun, however I feel it could end up boring as they are trying to control the main aspects that allow players to truly stand different from each other. Unless they lock out classes to prevent you from fighting yourself (currently not possible as these are 5v5 matches and only 5 classes are available) it seems like they may be wasting their time making this game. However this game could turn into quite a great game if they implement some minor changes. It would be fun to play as certain characters you may not have been able to in the games you've played previously or even play them in a different way. It still seems sort of in the realm of starcraft meets League of Legends and definitely brings a different perspective.


Since I have not played this game I feel it would be unfair to truly review it or score it. Therefore think of this as an informational! More information available at Blizzard.com


Additional Info:






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