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Getting annoyed at these old Batman comics

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So I've been reading some Batman comics. I never really read any comics growing up, so all of this is very new to me. Stemmed from curiosity and seeing all the Batman movies, I wanted to check out the comics.


I started off with "Batman - The Killing Joke".... which was truly an impressively written comic. It was very thought provoking and even shocking for its graphic content. The ending leaves you with a wonderful cliffhanger as to how Batman deals with the Joker. I then read "Batman - Vengeance of Bane" parts I and II, but both left you wanting more, and seemed totally incomplete. I then decided to just read a single issue "Batman Beyond" comic from this year and was annoyed that there seemed to be no ending and simply appeared to be just nonsensical dialogue between Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon. Stupid shit, really.


I'm now reading "Batman - Knightfall: Volume 1", which is a collection of comics that tries to complete the story of Bane breaking Batman's back, and also includes "Vengeance of Bane", which I mentioned above. I'm about a 150 pages through of 600 and it's been entertaining, but not thought provoking in any way since reading "The Killing Joke". What gives? Are most comics like an old Jackie Chan movie? Lots of kicks and punches, but meaningless dialogue? I hope to at least have a conclusion with the Bane and Batman story this time. FYI - Bane in the comics is nothing like Bane in the "The Dark Knight Rises" film.


Someone help this newbie out.... please :-)

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Well, the whole Bane breaking Batman's back event was a while ago if I recall, and the quality of comics at the time I'm not so sure is up to par. I am a fan of comics but not an avid reader and collector, I just like following current sagas/arcs in the mainstream storylines; the ones that are universe-ending, all heroes from everywhere come together type events.


I've heard good things about The Killing Joke series, but Batman Beyond is basically an alternate universe version and based off the cartoon so its not that hype IMO.


I would recommend the Hush miniseries for Batman, though. It's drawn by Jim Lee and is a good read too from what I'm told.

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