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mGalaxy v5.2 released


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New and updated in this release:
• : Recursive folders : when scanning your rom folder mGalaxy will also scan (and add roms from) sub-directories.

• : New search engine : mGalaxy now searchs if the rom name CONTAINS your keyword (not only if it STARTS WITH that keyword).

• : Icon added : an icon is displayed to warn you when the current list is filtered on ‘Show Available Roms Only’.

• : Icon added : an icon is displayed to warn you when the current list is filtered on a keyword.

• : Install option : you now can choose where your ‘mGalaxy Data’ folder should be installed.
By default - and to conform to Microsoft security policy - it’ll be installed in the ApplicationData folder...but you can choose to install it inside the mGalaxy folder itself. This will make mGalaxy "Portable".

• : ‘Auto repeat’ function on gamepad button presses.

• : Items view extended to 5 in the ‘Select System’ window.

• : GUI : 'List items text alignment’ option added.

• : mGalaxy_Runway : it’s now possible to enter text (thus, making copy/paste) in the App Path/Rom Path/Snap Path/Video Path text boxes.

• : A couple of new themes added. See one in action:


Spread the news !!
More info and download on http://www.mgalaxy.com

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