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When do 3DS Emulator comes out ?

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I have been searching for 3DS Emulator to play nintendo games in my pc, but I havent found any one before. But recnetly I came cross a 3DS Emulator official website which is offering 3DS emulator for windows and we can play nintendo games in our pc.


Any one can cofirm it, if we can use it for mac also or only for windows. If only for windows when does a mac one comes out.



Edited by Robert
Removed link to Trojan site

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Removed link to Trojan site.


Firstly, have the decency to wait until the 3DS is no longer being sold in the shops.

Then, after that, someone might feel like writing something.

Patience is a virtue.


Also, do not post links to sites claiming to have 3DS emulators, Xbox360 emulators, PS4 emulators, etc. All they do is prey on your greed by sending trojans to infect your computer.

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