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Garou Mark Of The Wolves cheats (nebula/winkawks)

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Hi, forum!


I (currently) have Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Prototype), which I play on Winkawks (personal fave for Neo-Geo, as I can use macros right off). I may look for a non-prototype in the future.


Anyway, I'm looking for cheat codes (dat files) for GMOTW. I know there are codes to play as the bosses in the arcade, and I know that you just go past Rock/Terry to get Grant/Kain when set to console. I'm just trying to find any other cheats that may be available.


So far, while searching, all I've found are DIP switch cheat codes. Just in case any other GMOTW fans are interested:


1-1 Unknown
1-2 Both players are Invicible
1-3 Stage select
1-4 Unknown
1-5 Unknown
1-6 Unknown
1-7 Unknown
1-8 Unknown


2-1 Easy special moves
2-2 View characters ending
2-3 Skip to next round
2-4 Unknown
2-5 Unknown
2-6 Unknown
2-7 Unknown
2-8 Unknown


If anyone has an update to the DIPS, or a dat file, please feel free to share!


FYI: as most of the prior Garou games, 2-1 allows you to do the S-Power with d,d+A = 2 fireballs, A. P-Power with d,d+C = 2 fireballs C. Since Garou has "extras," d,d+B = 2 fireballs B. d,d+D = 2 fireballs D.

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