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Hey, GTA Online...fuck you!


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Took an entire week to log in. Sessions ending while robbing a store. High level gangsters hunting you down. Can't find a fucking helicopter.


The best way to make money is to sell cars to Los Santos Customs every 24 minutes (1 game day).



Anybody got any rage inducing stories.

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I played last night for awhile and I HATE it!


Everyone is a douchebag on there, if someone's got a gun they just shoot you and take your cash.

Say you do get a job going they all turn on each other at the end.


Worst game of the year.

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I've learned a few tricks to ignore most of the problems in this.


First thing is to create a private session. No more douche rockets. You can do some missions by yourself or only people you invite. Though I've lately been raging on the missions.


Second thing is to sell luxury SUVs to Customs. Instant $9000 (you'll have to wait a full in game day to do it again). To rob stores better use a helicopter as a getaway vehicle. Most of the time when you take off the cops won't notice you.


Third, use your phone's Internet to deposit money.

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To create a private session, be in Story Mode/Offline. Go to the online section of the pause menu. Select play GTA Online then you'll see the option. I mostly use this to work on my stats, money and awards.

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I was on 67% when I completed the main story. I had to find all alien parts, all nuclear waste parts and all letter parts. (50 of each). If you have registered on the rockstar social club it shows you what you are missing and where they are on the map. It is true that you don't have to get everything though to get 100%. You need 25/50 stunt jumps 8/15 knife flights and any 14 out of 30 odd random events. Golds are not important either (unless you want a trophy for all golds of course).


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