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Using a PS3 Controller on PC?


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This seems more promising! Should allow you to play newer PC games without a problem! (XInput)


DS3 Tool comes with a 360 emulation mode, allowing you to assign buttons however you like as well, using xinput...games see a 360 controller.


That wrapper however IS useful if you have a BT receiver and want to use your controller wireless.

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I use MotionJoy.




I download the drivers there first, then run the application once to make sure they're installed. Afterwards, I download Better DS3.




It's offline and doesn't have your machine running ads off their app. It also has about the same amount of features as the regular DS3 tool (stuff like 360 Controller mapping, which is really useful for newer realeses).


If you have a bluetooth reciever you can use the same programs as well to run the controller wirelessly.

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