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How many hours of sleep do you need to feel fully awake during the day?

Sleeping Hours  

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nice one.

wish someone would offer me a full time job... but it looks like ill end up working for my self.... less stress that way and more days off!

Join the army! Works for me and it keeps you in shape!

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I have a family, or I'd go back...pretty much the reason I left. Nobody career that see's combat should have kids as far as I'm concerned, it's very selfish.


I'm not selfish :msncry:

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Coffee doesn't work for me for some reason. First time I drank a 5-hour energy though I was having tachycardia and my hands were shaking...


Some of the coolest dudes I've met recently were in the military; one dude from Manchester England I met in stats class over the summer at UCLA, the other a marine from Missouri in my program. Never really got to know any ladies from the armed services though.


When I'm in school I tend to run on 4-5 hrs of sleep a night, and nap at least two hours in the day. Then again, I rarely ever feel "fully awake" for some reason... must be a vitamin deficiency or something.

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~6 hours. Max 8 or I feel tired once awake.


Everyone is different, and we also get into habbits. I know a guy who gets about 4 hrs but that is not good for you. Sure you can get accustomed, but being used to something doesnt mean its good.

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