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The 5 Foot Woman


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I'm only 5' 4" I feel so small now :sad:

Hey none of that. You know what they say good things come in small packages...lol

I am a small package so I must be full of goodness............and amazing accuracy with a rifle. :P

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Sigh... when I started my program, I made a variety of new friends. Some that may be life-long friends given the nature of our intended profession being such a niche, small industry.

Among the friends I made was a tall glass of goth girl who I shall not name out of respect. I am about 5'8 and she's a bit taller than me, 5'9 I guess. We never dated but over two full-time semesters of seeing each other 5 days a week and mutual attraction, things got really complicated after a while and I am saddened to admit, I did some things I shouldn't have. I had a girlfriend at the time and we are in a long-distance relationship. No, I didn't cheat on her. Not physically anyway... though it was the first time my heart wandered. Where my fidelity was my strength given our distance, while we were together for going on 5+ years, I ended up breaking up with her because I could not concentrate in school at the height of that situation—I felt like I was betraying my girlfriend every time I was near the other. It was torture. I could not afford to fail a single class in my program, and on top of all the weekly exams I had... it was such a relief to not feel as guilty when I became single.


Ironically, I mustered the nerve to approach the other girl after about a month and confess how I felt. It was a pretty pathetic thing to behold in hindsight—I lost my train of thought as it was happening and blacked out... and as a result I forgot to mention that I had ended my relationship. She rejected me in a manner that made it seem like she only saw me as a "friend" on the spot. I know this may sound like it was one-sided but I assure you, it wasn't. There were others who bore witness to our interaction throughout its tenure.


Another lesson learned was not to use the internet to communicate indirectly, as things become misinterpreted. She misunderstood a post I made on my social networking site and responded harshly. Harshly but indirectly, as in indirect communication through posts. So harshly that it burnt me, resulting in a conscious avoidance of her. She eventually called me out on my behavior and I wanted to confront her so badly about our lack of communication; how she wanted to be "friends" and yet was incapable of being honest with me. Still, I chose to let it go and told her that I had broken up with my girlfriend a month prior (for obvious reasons) and that I simply needed time.

She avoided me the next day.


I'll be seeing her again come our final semester in... two days. It has been and remains to be an awkward situation. Maybe things will be different this time.


Fortunately, after some serious pleading... my girlfriend took me back.


That was/is my experience with a tall woman.

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