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Support 1Emulation with these beautiful custom-made desktop wallpapers!

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Over the years, we've had many amazing photoshop designers come and go on 1Emulation. Today, we share with the community a beautiful collection of Desktop Wallpapers that were made by our wonderful members. We realize a lot of these are a smaller resolution than the norm in 2013, but people who have multiple monitor setups these days may in-fact want to use one. Enjoy! :D


1 Emulation Wall 1280x1024.jpg1emu3.png1emu4.jpg










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Who made them, they need credit.

Indeed they do. The majority of them are made by a former member who has been inactive for almost 9 years. The member's name is Omega_Iori. I didn't mention it in the news post, as it is also the name of an SNK character. I've tried numerous occasions in the past to get in touch with the guy, but he's long gone. The rest... honestly, I can't remember. I just had these saved on an old dvd+r.


EDIT: Here's the profile for Omega_Iori: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/user/3147-omega-iori/ (Last Active Jul 02 2004 10:21 PM)

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