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King of Fighters XI, XII...

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Normally, I use WinKawaks for my Capcom and SNK fighters. I have tried several versions of MAME, which have just been horrible, so I don't bother with it, anymore.


I like the simple use of cheats, via the .dat files, especially for using bosses, in WinKawaks, which is why it's my prefered emulator. However, in it's list of games it supports (1.61), it doesn't seem to support KOF XI, XII. What emulator works well for these, and has a decent cheat system, so I can opt for the bosses, when I want.


Also, does anyone know where I can find a cheat code that has (at least) the "player select" in it for these?

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Kawaks doesn't even support these games to begin with (and most likely won't as long as MAME doesn't produce something runnable let alone playable). King of Fighters works with Demul (or rather, it's Atomiswave part), so use that. You can forget about King of Fighters XII altogether for the time being.

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