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Original Nintendo DS to Macintosh


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In search of finding a way to play with NDS pads and see with my laptop's screen, I got here.


Problem is that I can't stand reading TOO small letters, so I figured it would be wise to ask you. If there's a solution, I'd like to ask it be even NDS to LCD TV, if possible.


Could you tell me the easiest way to do so? I'm a newbie regarding hacks and stuff...




And guys, I'm waiting for 3DS to be "region-locked" cracked. Same goes for Wii U, as it has been announced by Nintendo itself. I can't stand this shitty system. I heard that you guys could only crack it for homebrew stuff, but not cracking the region-lock system yet. Any updated infos? Everyone would be happy, if someone could hack it, so that he/she could play the NTSC(-J)/PAL games, wherever he/she likes.

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