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Classic99x - Texas Instruments 99 Emulator for XBox v2 (NEW UPDATE)

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Classic99x - Texas Instruments 99 Emulator for XBox v2

ported by madmab





Note: Savestates only seem to work with cartridges.


++++ Partial core update to core 3.62 ++++


I ran into issues doing a full update. So I decided in the interem to do a partial update of as much as I possibly could. So updates include the following.


* Latest VDP code.


* Latest Sound chip code (sounds much better). Still using old speech synth code.


* Latest CPU9900 code.


* DSK image support.


* Ability to disable VDP layers including backdrop, sprites, and blanking, as well as to disable the 4-sprites-per-line limitation (flickering). Although only the 4-sprites-per-line option is currently available to you.


* limited 80 column 9938-like support (for what it is worth). :lol: Intended for use with Turbo Forth.


* Various other features only a TI-99 owner would be excited about.



* Given the full "Madmab Edition" treatment.


* Sorry... No Dual or Triple Preview skin available. Just the original one created by J-red.


* Disk files (aka FIAD images) can be run from anywhere (not just the D:\DISKFILES directory).


* Added game specific Video Modes.


* Added game specific Auto Save State Load (only works with cartridges?)


* Added option to disable 4 sprites per line flicker


* Added option to use 'NTSC TV' mode filter. Recommended for Trusty users only. Controls are Hue, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness and Sharpness as well as scanlines enabled/disabled.


* Added two new Image Types "Program File Editor/Assembler" and "Object File Editor/Assembler" these are for loading stuff thru the Editor Assembler.


* Renamed "Program File" to "Program File Extended Basic" to more accurately reflect what it was for (loading Basic programs).


* Added new option "TI Filename To Load (Paste)". If you selected a "DSK" (disk) image using this option will display the disks contents and let you select which "file" you want to launch. Just be sure you set the "Image Type" to match the type of file you are loading.


* Added new option to "Auto Paste Lines Into Emulator". If set to "Yes" it will automatically paste the lines on game load making for (most of the time) automated game loading for you lazy types out there.


* Hooked up throttle (fast forward) so that it actually works now.


* In Game menu option to reset the TI-99.



* Added a new "Dummy/Lockdown Mode Setting".. "Remove 'Shutdown Xbox' From Main Menu?" Yes/No. For those of you who are driven crazy because this option is there. ;):P

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madmab is on fire! releasing emu after emu...

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I believe the Xbox is the only emulation platform where these lesser-known systems get so much care and attention. Many thanks to madmab. :)

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