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Genplus GX 1.7.0 (MEGA CD/SEGA CD) Support Added!


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Eke-Eke has released a new version of Genplus GX for all to play with. One of the new main features is Sega CD/Mega CD Emulation.

CD Audio support Isn't implemented yet but it's in the post









Genesis Plus GX 1.7.0 (01/07/2012) (Eke-Eke)





* added Mega CD / Sega CD hardware emulation (incl. Sub 68K, CDD, CDC, PCM, GFX rotation/scaling, etc)

* added .ISO & .BIN CD image file support

* added 512K backup cartridge RAM support

* added savestate support for CD games




* to play CD games, original BIOS ROM files are required in /genplus/bios/ directory: unzip & rename them to bios_CD_U.bin, bios_CD_E.bin, bios_CD_J.bin

* CD audio tracks (CD-DA) are not supported (yet)




* modified 68k core for Mega CD / Sega CD support

* optimized 68k core using prebuild const tables




* improved DMA accuracy

* improved accuracy of nametables register & VSRAM writes during HBLANK: fixes "The Adventures of Batman & Robin" (graphical issues during 2nd Boss fight).

* added support for 8-bit VRAM writes with undocumented code value (verified on real hardware by Nemesis)




* improved synchronization between SN76489 & YM2162 cores.

* improved accuracy of SN76489 core timings.




* added support for some recently dumped unlicensed games.

* improved emulation of 32k bankswitch hardware used by a few unlicensed games.

* fixed behavior of Z80 banked reads from 68k RAM (verified on real hardware).

* fixed support for 128K Pro Action Replay ROM.




* added support for all recent korean ROM dumps by SMS Power.

* added emulation of korean multi-game mapper (4-Pak All Action)

* added pseudo-random RAM pattern initialization on Mark-III and Japanese Master System (fixes "Alibaba and 40 Thieves" & "Block Hole")

* added port $3E emulation & internal BOOTROM support (Master System & Game Gear only).




* added an option to set VDP mode (PAL/NTSC) independently from console region.

* added an option to select original system master clock frequency (PAL/NTSC/AUTO), emulation will run at selected frequency when VSYNC is disabled.

* fixed 68k context loading/saving (Sol Deace).

* fixed C89 incompatibilities for better portability.

* removed use of "long int" type for portability on 64-bit platforms.

* moved savestate zlib compression out of emulation core (for ports that don't use it).

* various optimizations.




* removed ROM load device selection from Load Menu: default ROM device must now be configured in menu settings.

* added specific load buttons, browsers & saved paths for each systems, this also fixes slowdowns caused by screenshot loading when browsing from slow devices.

* added support for left/right buttons as page up/down keys in ROM browsers

* added right analog stick as default "return to menu" key for Gamecube controllers

* added alternate remappable menu key combo for Gamecube controllers

* added an option to disable VSYNC (emulator is synced with audio hardware instead of video).

* added an option to boot system from "BIOS", with or without cartridge.

* added Master System & Game Gear "BIOS" support (files should be named bios_U.sms, bios_J.sms, bios_E.sms & bios.gg and copied to /genplus/bios directory).

* replaced "Hard Reset" button by a Soft Reset for systems having a Reset button (Mega Drive / Genesis & Master System)

* State & SRAM files are now only compressed when saving to Gamecube Memory Cards

* various fixes & cleanup.

* compiled with devkitPPC r26 & libogc 1.8.11.




* improved progressive mode support when component cable is detected (hold B during startup to switch menu video mode configuration


Thank You Eke-Eke!


Source: http://code.google.com/p/genplus-gx/

Download: http://code.google.c.../downloads/list

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