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Xbe loader Wip (Build 29062012) Release


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Xbe loader is an application that hopes to provide accurate Information on how the XBOX executable structure functions.


New in this build:

- Several crash related bug fixes (e.g not enough memory / fragmented logic)

- Increased Memory allocation size for storing .XBE Files to 0x10000000 (256mb's), if needed.

- Implemented Allowed Media, Game Region, Game Rating flag definition tables (Because there were no documented Game Rating flags, I had to make up my own. Below you will find the flags.

(RP) Rated Pending = 0x00000000

(AO) Adults Only = 0x00000001

(M) Mature = 0x00000002

(T) Teen = 0x00000003

(E) Every One = 0x00000004

(K-A) Kids To Adults = 0x00000005

(EC) Early Childhood = 0x00000006

- Unused bitmap logo rendering code (seems to output garbage despite being accurate, perhaps I'm missing something here).


Binary: Xbe loader Wip 29062012

Source: Unavailable at this time.


For more Information regarding this and other releases feel free to visit http://lordsnowdev.emunext.net

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Sorry for the extremely late response, I have re-uploaded the alpha build (29062012). Sadly, there has not been much activity from this project since January 2013. In spite of that, the project is not discontinued. I do have plans on re-writing some areas of my existing implementation and perhaps add a few other things in preparation for publicly sharing my source for whom it may benefit. As it stands, I don't know when I will be getting back into this project, it may be as soon as this summer or as early as next year.


For the mods, sorry for resurrecting this thread.


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Links are down!!



I'd like to give it a go.. THX



Thank you but links are down.


That's offbeat, I'll report the problem to Alpha and see if we can determine the issue. As alternative, you can download it directly from my mediafire page http://www.mediafire.com/download/tc7ycpyrdcl5638/xbe_loader-wip-29062012.zip.


Please feel free to report back any further issues.






If you're getting a network failed error, your antivirus software is detecting the file as a virus, this is a false positive issue. What can you do to remedy the situation is add an exception to your virus definition. For future builds, I will either change or lift my security scheme so that it circumvents this problem.

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