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CoinOPS 4 Sunset (R11)

The Raincheck

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Just saw this released:


CoinOPS 4 Sunset Standalone (Released)


Since CoinOPS 3 Sunset there has been new cores...core updates.....lots of new arcade games never playable on the xbox before....lots of fixed arcade games.....1000s of new console games supported....many new features....the change log is over 10,000 lines long so lets just say more of everything.....when you though CoinOPS couldnt get better it knock the old one out of the park.....


Note - Please play fair guys....to the people that want inflict there views, pretending they understand more than they do....please dont hurt inocent people....its unfair and really does cause people grief to many people and isnt very nice......


CoinOPS 4 Sunset Mame Sources are there to patch into anything you require....please remember its mainly the people complaining that have the most to hide.....


old pic as this now supports way more....over 18,000 games



I assume this is a CO4 version of CO3 Sunset? Unlocked?


Links: You know where to go :-)

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This quote suggests otherwise:

"Make sure you get CoinOPS 4 Sunset Proper....I still have issues"

There does seem to be some confusion over what is actually being released...


of course, it'll probably be my fault if anyone in the entire world experiences any issues with this latest version. All my fault, yes.

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this new release has all the locks removed and it was originally released yesterday but there was a problem with some of the files so a fixed version was released today.

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Uh... okay, I just tried this. As far as I can tell, there's no way for me to point the videos folder setting to where I keep my vids. The option is there (as it used to be), but whatever I change it to it just stays at "D:\videosextra" or something. It does allow me to edit one of the console paths to where I keep the coinops roms, though. Is this a lock that didn't get removed or something?

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