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Fuck me, the web is DEAD whats your theory?

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I quit out of my facebook a few days ago because of the mind numbing same old crap you get on there.

Wasnt anything personal Just bugged out too many reasons to list why.


And its not just 1emu that seems to be lagging behind lately, ever get the feeling you're talking to your self out here?

Anyone know any places that are jumping with users?



My blog is still pulling in a decent amount of hits but to be honest its still not consistent and it appears that its more random searches that get me hits rather than a steady user base.


Emails? From real people dont get me started, i have more chance of an old youtube comment springing up in my mailbox.

Or maybe Im just getting too old for this shit, this generation of web users are ignorant. IGNORANT.


Reasons why I think the web is dying:


1. Facebook.


It's got that shit locked down.

Most web users use that - for me - i hate it now.

I think now though people are waking up to its use as a place that's had its "pop" in the media circle, to a place where people are now going "Ya know what, Im tired of this place now"

We have all had laughs and fun on there, but now its becoming old hat.


2. Instant comments:


Asshole posts something - 50 instant comments later its forgotten.


3. Twitter.


Good for what you're interested in, other than that - nothing but trouble.


4. Global recession.


I dont know how a recession effects input from other folk but it seems to do just that.


Between faceshite and shitter taking up probably at least half of network traffic along with top site bullshit, it only leaves the old astute users I figure.


You're seriously telling me people have a life during one of the worst recessions ever known to hit globally?

Wow man, something up..

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Your being a bit over dramatic but I get what your saying, I still get 20+ comments a day on facebook so I know it isn't dead yet. The rest of it I agree with you but not for the same reasons.

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Well as I see it!


2. Instant comments, they are what they are, an instant comment. If they were meant to be taken seriously thier would be some thought in it.


3. Twitter - The whole idea is stupid, they even had to lengthen the comments but of course you cant really get a update in less than 140 letters. ( I'm eating a sandwich) NOT FUNNY!)


4. global reccesion - This one is hard to comment about because it really could be a reason. No bullshit really it could.


My personal opinion is that the lack of anonymous abilities (Like posting on facebook for instance) you have your pic their and your no longer hidden, What I'm saying is everything requires personal data that people are afraid to give out anymore. Hell I'll add my email to the profile page and we'll see how many spammers from made up emails I get to prove my point. If the internet still let people communicate anonymously it would be better in my opinion.



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Facebook isn't a good place, and I never understood the hate for Facebook. Everyone's reasoning behind hating Facebook has everything to do with the people using it and absolutely nothing to do with the website itself. I suggest you just find new websites to go to.

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I quite like facebook but thats because I see it as a bit of a laugh and don't take it seriously. Some funny crap posted on there at times and its good to catch up on old frinds that you havent seen for 20+ years.


As for Twitter, well I don't really get that place to be honest. I have registered but don't really use it, I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

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Websites like Twitter and Facebook are very useful if you use them for the right things. For instace, on Twitter, I only follow about 3 people total, to get news on things that I like. It doesn't go much deeper than that. Sometimes I get a laugh out of Twitter though due to snarky remarks and tweet wars between certain famous people. I don't tweet anything myself though, unless I'm directly asking someone a question.


On Facebook, I only have about 14 friends, so the updates I get are usually from a few people. These few people normally either post news, or 9gag images. I find that Facebook can get annoying when I check it too much during the day. It can be even less annoying if you disable the news feed from most of your friends.

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