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Ghost Recon Alpha (Movie) "Under half hour, Over the top"

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With Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, coming out very soon and with the Ghost Recon Online beta testing going on, you'd think Ubisoft is ready to just let the money come in. But no! They have brought you some more Ghostly goodness, that's right now we're getting a little Ghost Recon movie! However one journalist would pose the question: Did this 25min mini-movie cost more than the game itself? Crazy notion but when looking at the crew one would wonder.

  • Directors: Hervé de Crécy and François Alaux (Academy Award winners)
  • Writer: Tim Sexton (Academy Nominee)
  • Editor: Pietro Scalia (Two-time Academy Winner)
  • Sound: Per Hallberg (Two-time Academy Winner)

But those are just the big names, we also have a range of different actors portraying the ghost team.

  • Mark Ivanir - Ghost Leader
  • Chucky Venn - Chuck
  • Keith Gilmore - 30K
  • Chook Sibtain - Pepper


This movie is set to be some type of prequel to the Future Soldier game that will be coming out.

Each of the ghost team is a playable character in the campaign mode of the game. Also, Ubisoft wanted to drop a few more eggs in the movie, two examples are that the setting of the movie will be one of the multi-player maps online. The other one may peak your interest or not, because if you pay attention, hidden in the film will be a code that unlocks an in-game weapon. The movie seems rather solid and doesn't have too bad of the "cheesy game adaption movie" smell to it. I'm looking forward to seeing it and this small movie could be entertaining on its own whether you're a ghost fan or not.


You can watch the trailer


And you can watch the "Making of" here,



May 12th on Uplay - May 14th on Xbox Live, PSN and Youtube

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