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Have you ever had a psycho gf?

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I've had pyscho "Girl" friends but not dyke friends.


I've had a friend pour a can of latex paint on the inside of her bf's car cause he called her a bitch....crazy!

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I had an ex that wanted me to watch The Notebook.

Fuck you that shit almost made me cry. And Ill fucking break your teeth if you talk shit LOL



Hell yea Ive had a psycho GF. Ill spare the details but she was pretty fucked up, and no Im not talking about EM.

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And Im burn proof here


Im used to being the Uber dork that no one fucks with. Therefore it is easy to maintain machismo while being sensitive.


You ever see that movie? Ill punch you in the fucking eye if you dont almost cry :rofl:

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Classic evasion.




I do have an awesome story regarding ex's (not mine) but it'd be another long ass post... Lets just say someone lit our house on fire, gas poured on the master bed. We were out at the time.

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