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What is the best GAMEPAD for PC?

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it it is a problem of d-pads then jsut get a ps converter for the pc its an adapter usb usually and u can use a ps controllter or.. if you must there are some for x-box... :(... but if its a problem bad then pay 10 bucks for a sidewinder and keep the adapter for the ps con.. for a friends to play against u.. :D all in all its only about 15 in all for both... remember shingo loves you ^^

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solidius23 Posted: Dec 27 2003, 01:48 AM

i am now the proud owner of a X-arcade stick its so awesome



To the man with the X-arcade..i feel u man!..brings back great memorries. downside to it...if u dont have a great place to put it, and no platform of any kind place it on for good position to play, u may have to move things around hehe. but other wise, this is a great piece of equipment.

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