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[NEW] Final Burn Legends v1.10 beta

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i'll take a guess here and say not many people bothered with this compile of the latest sources available.

The reason - everyone is waiting for the compile from IQ_132 with the new game additions coupled with any other fixes he adds.

Just a guess obviously !


Once those sources are released then added to the 1.0 sources, then i see interest in this version.

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Plus I think lack of availability may have been an issue. The majority of users and sites that host Xbox downloads still use xb**s as the absolutely definitive resource for every piece of Xbox software past and present.


Not to worry though I'll try and get this uploaded there for you in the next couple of hours.

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hey +T+, thanks for doing that. I had one question, i cant get giga wing to work when you load it up it displays garbled graphics then fbl crashes. didnt know if you guys knew or not. the same rom played fine in 1.9.

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i've never played giga wing before... i see it's cps2 game. i didn't touch anything on cps2 with this release.

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