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Emuloader 6.5 released

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This is a frontend for MAME.


Get it here --> http://emuloader.mameworld.info/



EMULOADER Version 6.5 change log - February 21, 2012



  • Since MAME 0.144u7 main CPU tags have a " : " char in the tag name (-listxml output). Dunno why they did this... :_(



  • View game info from Progetto EMMA website, since MAWS is offline and there's no ETA on its return (if ever)
  • To change between them, go to main menu "Images", and select one of the options. "Progetto EMMA" will be the default setting from now on
  • Support MAME v0.145u1: new CHD header v5 detection (no compression type detection though)
  • Support new settings for the latest Supermodel 0.3a-WIP ("Supermodel Default Settings" and run games)

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