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[02/14/12] Mass Effect 3 - DEMO Review


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Multiplayer was fucking awesome. There's a semi customization with it. There's 6 different classes to choose from and 4 races to choose per class (human male, human female, and 2 alien species). Each class starts as either male or female human. You have to unlock the other species. And depending on what species you choose will also change what moves you have. Now the huge percentage of the word customization is just a color scheme. Though you can unlock patterns and more color options. You can choose how you want to level your powers and what weapons to wield (though I suggest that your first set of points be spent in the first block in each so as to be able to do something).


So far the only mode I know this game will have is horde mode. Each map has 11 waves (the 11th is defending while the evac ship arrives). Waves range from just run n gun, target elimination, item collecting, etc And it's random which ever it chooses. Also there's 3 levels of difficulty (bronze, silver, and gold). Right now in the demo you only fight Cerberus.


The highest level I know of is 20. And you can level up all 6 classes seperately to that level. You also earn money (as well as experience, derp) and however much you get depends on how successful you were in completing the stage. Obviously completing it all the way grants the most (not including how well you played). You also get points on how many kills, kills with certain weapons, revives, assists, streaks, etc.


I currently have a level 13 Infiltrator (sniper).

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