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More Unreleased Games And Homebrew SNES Port.


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Unreal for Ps1

released by delacroix


These are ALL the maps and resources we've been able to recover. Update since Leo's post:

- the designer that stopped talking to Leo eventually got convinced to give out what he had. It was not much, but it was IMPORTANT: we received a proper set of design docs, never-before-seen concept arts for the AIs and two full development trees of two his maps. For one of them it was especially worth the mention due to the fact that he started the concept several times and abandoned it, creating several distinctively different versions in the process.

- the designer that gave us files off CD eventually fixed the hard drive and got all content from it. Multiple repetitions with what we had so far, BUT -- 300 MB (!!) of new content nevertheless and almost all missing levels are in.


The thing linked above still requires Unreal's sounds, music, textures folders as well as maps: Entry.unr and Unreal.unr from the original game. The NewGame option won't work unless you rename one of the maps to Vortex2 (I recommend latest E1L1A), but you can still use commandline or ingame console to launch the levels.



i think it would be posible to play this in the unreal port to xbox,havent tried it yet,dont think it would work on pcsxbox.


X-COM: Alliance Beta 219

released by delacroix





Many of you have been waiting for this day. Well in my timezone, it's Christmas, or more precisely, the Boxing Day when you get to open your Christmas gifts.



Here is one from Lord Victor Albert Sebastian Delacroix, the Dark Lord of the Glyphs, Unreal Engine Archivist and Historian.



Ladies and Gentlemen of this noble community... I give you...






Being in concept since 1995, in development shortly afterwards, X-COM: Alliance was to revolutionize the X-COM franchise by combining the strategic and tactical elements known from the first X-COM/UFO games with the in-your-face gaming scheme of a first person shooter. Developed on the reknowned Unreal Engine, practically simultaneously with Unreal, it was first announced for release in 1999, then 2000 and finally 2002. Sadly, the release never took place, the game met its demise most likely soon after the closure of Microprose UK and, what's worse, its assets were later re-used for the most horrible atrocity known to X-COM fans... Enforcer, the dumbed down, simplistic, straightforward, non-climatic, arcade-ish shooter. The ambitious Alliance was lost.


Or so it seems. Leo(T.C.K.) and myself tracked down one of the Microprose LDs, whose name we are not in the liberty to give you. This gentleman has provided us everything he had on Alliance, including a beta running on the Unreal build 219 codebase, an initial conversion alpha on the Unreal build 220 codebase and plethora of sources, documents and related materials.


Today I'm going to share the most important piece with you: the 219 beta.


Another X-COM build. This has only three maps (unknown at the time whether the ones from previous build will work or not), but is on a more recent Unreal build, 220 as opposed to 219. Consider it an alpha.


Much of the issues with Unreal Engine development is that Epic was, is and will be constantly updating it. Some of these updates are drastic enough to make older resources incompatible, so that they need to be either just reimported, or sometimes recoded or whatever. That's one of the reasons why John Anderson left Unreal dev team (none of his maps survived, save one level for Unreal PSX, probably reused from the alpha and one level in the Unreal95 tech demo).


again should be possible to try this out in the unreal port for xbox by lantus.


Road Blaster on SNES (port of sega cd road avenger)


It's that time of the year again...


A little late for christmas and sadly not finished, but rather barely playable, here's something new for your SNES.


The first direct port of a laserdisc game to the SNES, the first MSU-1 game and the biggest game on the SNES yet, at a whopping 6816 Mbit in size.

Msu-1 support is mandatory, so you will need either Bsnes or a sd2snes cartridge.


This thing is very unpolished, has a couple of graphical glitches and doesn't run in NTSC mode (due to v-blank limitations) yet, but I didn't feel like sitting on it any longer.



this stuff is jsut a google search away.

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