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Merry Christmas Lads!

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Just wanted to wish all the members and guests here a wonderful Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, and everything else! Have an amazing time, stay healthy, and live happy. Enjoy :)


Sooooo... how's the gift wrapping or unwrapping going guys?

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Ain't this talk more in line with Gossip Café?


Anyway, I got (some of these a few days before Christmas actually):


* A pajama made by my aunt

* Chocolate and assorted candy

* A bottle of deodorant (boy, do I need one)

* A Christmas-themed Garfield mini album (seen all the strips years ago :/ )

* Deus Ex: Human Revolution & Killzone 3


Yeah, Merry Christmas to all. Stay frosty, and don't go beating up your spouse while high on paint thinner or anything idiotic like that.

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Merry Christmas to all! I hope none of you have to work today like I am. :/


It will be worth it when the big bucks start rolling in Gryph, that way when you are a really rich dude you can invite me to yours and we can drink beer together.

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