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Soul Calibur 2 Destiny (MOD)


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Soul Calibur 2 Destiny

Hack of soul calibur 2 for xbox by crazypsymon.


info on hack.

+New costumes and 8 costumes to some chars and some other costumes by NH

+3 new guest chars heihachi,kazuya,link

+heihachi moves hacked to xbox

+5 new stages created by me

+the other stages recolored by me

+New Bgm {alot of rock music metal and some goa trance and some LP]}

+New backgrounds

+new lifebars


Stages- Gameplay



so you have heihachis moves from ps2 version of soul calibur 2 mapped to one of the characters.

kazuyas moves from tekken 5 has been mapped to one of the characters.

links moves from the gamecube version of soul calibur 2has been mapped as well.

loads of different costumes are available.

some new stages.

and new music has been added.


thanks go to crazypsymon for this mod.

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