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3dox alpha 0.715 Released,3do emu for xbox.


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3dox alpha 0.715

ported by incrediclint.




release info.







3dox alpha 0.699

3DO emulator for xbox

Based on 4DO/Freedo

Ported by incrediclint







The core of 3dox is based on the work of the Freedo Team:

Alexander Troosh, Maxim Grishin, Allen Wright, John Sammons, and

Felix Lazarev @ http://www.freedo.org


Thanks to the author of the (new) 4DO project Johnny @ http://www.fourdo.com for

figuring out how to use the freedo core and sharing that information with me!


Thanks to the surreal64ce team for Project Dash which parts of are used for

the launcher.


Thanks to freakdave, parts of his Yabause port were used in 3dox as well.


Thanks to the guys at emuxtras.net and on irc #emuxtras for their input and





This is an alpha release and I know it's slow, but it does work.




1. You'll need a 3do bios to use this. Whatever bios you get will have to be

renamed to 'bios.rom' and placed in the bios folder.


2. Roms go in the Roms folder! (duh!)


3. 3dox can also load 3do discs. Press 'start' at the rom select screen and

3dox will try to load whatever disc is in the drive.


4. When loading a disc it takes quite a while before anything appears on

screen. Have patience.


5. There are no settings to customize at the moment.


6. Frameskip has been turned ON for this release, which gives us another

5 FPS or so. Woohoo!


Controller Mappings


Game Select Screen:

A: Launches the game.

Right Thumb Stick Click: Exits the launcher.

Start: Launches the disc is the drive.



B = A

A = B

B = C

Start = P

Back = X

Left Trigger = Left Button

Right Trigger = Right Button

DPad = DPad

Analog Sticks aren't used.



Right now 3dox thinks all controllers are connected, and commands are sent

as if all controllers sent the commands. What this means is, in any game

that supports multiple players all players will be playing and all will

receive the commands that the 1st player controller is sending. I haven't got

around to fixing this yet as I've been focusing on performance. Until

performance is acceptable this bug doesn't really matter.


Games Tested/Status:


Assume most games are either SLOW or EXTREMELY SLOW. Other details that i've

found in testing:


Trip'd The only game I've found that is playable, and just barely.

SSF2T Extremely slow. Hangs if you let the intro play long enough.

Gex Slow. PAL version didn't work at all.


v 0.702

Alpha 0.702:

-FIXED: Multiple conrollers should now work properly. (up to 4 players)



Alpha 0.703:

-FIXED: Controller issues introduced in the last release.



Alpha 0.715:

-CHANGED: Some small bits of code to assembly.

-FIXED: Path related bug that kept 3dox from running for many people.

-ADDED: Logs now saved to debug.log


thanks go to incrediclint for this.

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