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ScummVM 1.4.0 for Xbox Released.


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ScummVM 1.4.0

by A600.


port of the newest version of scumm ported to xbox by a600.



What's new:


- Unlike previous versions, only games officially supported are included.

- Changed compiling options to gain 3 MB of memory.

- Added numeric keypad "emulation" with the right analog needed by, for example,

the "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" fights (big thanks to zx81 for the

analog joystick source code)

- Digital pad used for cursor keys and Y button for the ENTER key.

- Fixed a pretty big memory leak when using fluidsynth and returning to the launcher.

- Fixed a bug where F5 key wasn't released after returning to the launcher.

- Now screen options are loaded from xbox.cfg so there is no need to edit the

scummvm.ini anymore.

IMPORTANT: If you have an xbox.cfg from the 1.3.0git Update1, delete it because

it may hang the Xbox.

- Added the libfaad2 lib needed by The 7th Guest iOS (untested)

- Added keys needed by Lands of Lore (check the controls list for more details)

With this controller configuration, LOL is more than playable. I finished the game

without problems and, in fact, I prefer the gamepad to the keyboard + mouse combo.


Check the README-XBOX.txt for more info.


thanks to a600 for thi release.

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