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SNES9XBox Super Nintendo Emulator for XBox v4


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SNES9XBox Super Nintendo Emulator for XBox v4


by madmab.





SNES9XBox Super Nintendo Emulator for XBox v4 (The Kitchen Sink Edition!)


I forgot to include the version of 1.53 with the apu/irq changes that makes some games playable (Sink or swim). However it also slows down alot of games. It is named default-apu.xbe. Rename it to default.xbe if you wish to use it.




*** Interface Related Changes ***



* Fixed a couple lockup issues when attempting to view the synopsis for a game or file that has no synopsis.




*** Changes To Snes9Xbox Core ***



* Enabled rewind for the 1.42 core


thanks as always to madmab.

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better late than never lol

In fact i have done HD skins that works with all the madmab/Xports emus; in some sort the HD feature has always been here, it just i discovered it with luck using random numbers

Some skinners tryed the "sprite trick"(sprite used as background) some years ago (cbagy,franckmorris even me) but it didn't worked because ourbackgrounds were too large or too height.


for now i have 3 categories of emus for the hd skins:

The main screen can be 1280*960 in most case; with the exception of the memory eaters emus (neogenesis,winuaex,winstonx,dosxbox,bluemsx AND NOW SNES9XBOX!!); in theyr case the main screen can be 1068*800 or 915*685 pixels max (wich is still 50% better quality than any old Xport's skins).

. Be aware the gameselect screen can have a max screensize of 915*685 (or else the emu won't display the background or will crash).


So finally i'll release this pack of HD skins at emuxtras (20 systems covered) since there is interest for them


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