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Final Burn Legends/Consoles UI Requests


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Just to revisit this topic; I don't want people to think I'm dismissive of these UI requests. In fact I've taken on board the suggestions in this thread and have come up with some possible ways of implementing them that I think will be more widely beneficial. Feel free to keep them coming.

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How about some way of filtering that isn't also tied to a menu selection? I'm thinking back to FBA here, and what I really did like about it was the option to cycle through the four categories (CPS1, CPS2, Neogeo, Other). It would be nice if you could somehow cycle through all the filters with just a button press, and maybe have one of those filters as the default view also.


I'm thinking I'm not doing a good job of explaining, so let me give examples.


I would set the default filter to Cave. When I start up FBL, that's what would show. Useful for me, as that's generally what I eventually end up playing anyway, and saves me scrolling past all the pron while I try to decide, you know?

The button allocated for cycling through the filters would then move onto the next category (Taito, Psikyo, whatever) when pressed, should I decide I don't want to play a Cave shmup (unlikely, but whatever).


Also, if this is possible, filters for types of game would be really cool too. Hori shmups, vert shmups, run and gun, blah blah blah. In this case you (yes, I'm using you for the example this time) might have scrolling fighters as your default view (not... a bad choice, I suppose), but sometimes you might come in and think, "hmmm, actually, I really do fancy playing one of those strange pron games?"; at which point you press the cycle filter button a few times, pron is now all over your screen, and you're probably sitting there thinking, "the hell? What's wrong with me?"


Can't help you with that last bit, I'm afraid.

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