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Surreal64ce B5.52u Unofficial Patch.


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Surreal64ce B5.52u Unofficial Patch.

by weinerschnitzel,freakdave and the rest of the surreall ce team.


I've put together some B5.5 goodies that never made it into our release several months ago. These changes might be considered worthwhile to some, so there is no reason not to let it out.


Surreal64 CE B5.52u

-unofficial patch




This is package is an unofficial patch containing some experimental work that took place after B5.5's release.





-Trigonometric analog sensitivity. 2 new analog sensitivity settings exist. "Increasing" uses a tangent wave to make the analog stick more responsive as it moves away from its center position. This could compensate for the stiffness of the XBox's control stick and make it "feel" better. "Decreasing" uses a sine wave to gradually decrease sensitivity as the control stick approaches the outer edge.


-Rice 6.12 Software Vertex Clipper. This fix utilizes the Software Vertex Clipper used in Rice Video 5.60. Several games no longer crash and newer ucodes can be utilized. Diddy Kong Racing, F-Zero X and Perfect Dark are among the most notably fixed games. Keep in mind this uses software and will result in a CPU hit.




Simply overwrite your .xbe's with those bundled in this package.


thanks go to everyone involved in this project.

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