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Final Burn Legends 1.666

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luvin this +T+ zombie raid n operation thunderbolt plus dip options for the cave pgm shumps


think i got off lightly with the rom changes cos im not running a full set only have to sort 6 of em

but need to report a couple of rom issues


1) bonks adventure wont load no on screen message just get bounced out back to main menu

2) super chase criminal termination gives me a final burn legends encountered a problem message press any button to continue

then when i press any button get bounced out to main menu

Thanks for the reports. Bonk's Adventure is now fixed and working again. I'll look at Super Chase and see if anything can be done.

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i noticed that fantasy zone 2 (ps2 version) is in the gameslist but i am assuming its not playable?

I just tested it on my 1.7WIP build and it plays very well. Try it and let me know if works on 1.666.

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just another update +T+ cant get ddp3 black label to work it loads fine but it says rom error on game startup screen but ddp3 works fine

another funny thing happened with kov2 it loaded then locked up on pgm load screen twice then i got the final burn legends encountered a problem message

but after rebooting the emu it now works fine maybe you shouldnt have called it fbl 1.666 spooky :D

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ok still having problems with kov2 it gets by pgm load screen but sticks on time and date screen other times it will load fine

anyone else having problems with this game im using kov2.zip


there are a few clones for this game am going to try them see if that sorts it


well have tried every clone and its a no go also tried kov2 plus nine dragon that seems to do the same thing

so i admit defeat anyone got any advice??

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